Monday, June 29, 2009

Big News!!!

So, I went to the high risk doctor today and got an ultrasound. Seems like Hope's coming even sooner than we expected! Her head is reading at 44 weeks, and they were very worried about me going another week. She's gained 2 pounds in a month! She now weighs about 6 1/2 pounds! We were shocked! They want me to go this week. I almost thought they were going to want me to go right then. They tried to call my normal doctor to see what she wanted to do, but she apparently had a sudden death in the family, and we're unable to get ahold of her right now, but she originally wanted me to go tomorrow. So, as soon as she gets back to us, we'll be having Hope! Probably Thursday or so...? Not really sure. But they definitely wanted me to go this week! We can't believe it. My mom and sister were so happy they went to this appointment. They said I was pale after hearing the news. It was a big shock at first. They also want to do a procedure where they would extract some fluid from her brain before I have her, so that natural birth would be easier. They're not sure if I'd be able to have her vaginally otherwise. We're not sure yet if we're going to allow this or not. Everyone please please pray for us and Hope. I've added my mom as an author to my blog so that her or my sister can update everyone while I'm in the hospital.


  1. Wow, how exciting! Hope will be in our thoughts and prayers this week!!

  2. Oke doke! Will pray for wisdom in regards to the procedure & Hope's delivery. Not much longer now!

  3. hey! guess Hope wants to come soon:} there are people in other states praying for you. just remember, Gods in this picture too:}He Won't leave you alone:}

  4. Praying for wisdom for you both as you make plans to bring your precious baby girl into this world this week! I'm also praying for a miracle for little Hope!!!

    Praying in Seattle,

  5. Exciting time for you all,am so happy for you.Hoping the procedure goes well and the delivery.You all will continue to be in my prayers all week.Sending you lots of love,hugs & prayers from Florida.


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