Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hope's Almost Here

So, tomorrow's the big day! Scott and I are just sort of in a daze right now. We went out to dinner earlier tonight and have been rushing around getting everything ready all day. I can't believe we finally get to meet our little girl tomorrow. My mom just called me and told me they had a special prayer for Hope tonight at church. And she's getting some help with starting a prayer chain for us. We can't express how grateful we are for everyone's support and prayers. I hope everyone will praying especially hard for us tomorrow. Right now, I'm okay, but I know I'm going to be a wreck in the morning. I don't think it's really hit me yet that this is all finally happening. I'm too tired right now from everything we've been doing today. I think I might actually be able to get some sleep. I know I need to before our big day tomorrow. So, you probably won't hear from me for a while, but my sister is going to try and put an update on here tomorrow night.

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  1. Our love and prayers are with you and your family today!!


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